5 Reasons to book Thee Social Booth

Why you must have Thee Social Booth at YOUR wedding.

1.) Entertainment is always welcome – your guests are going to be busy participating in toasts, dancing and socializing with the families and friends. But there’s no better type of wedding activity to participate in than one you can take a memorable or funny picture from your wedding day from prints to social media sharing.

2.) Not everyone likes to get out and dance or hang out by the open bar. Having Thee Social Booth will provide your guests a nice escape and still allows them to get as goofy as they want in the booth! All ages are welcome and enjoy the booth from kids to grandparents.

3.) Easy and inexpensive way to get everyone at your wedding involved. The guests get to keep their photos or share online with their friends & family. And with Thee Social Booth packages, the Bride & Groom (You) get digital copies of all the photos taken, so you’ll never miss out on any of the fun.

4.) A great reason to have Thee Social Booth for an evening and a must have at your wedding is because your wedding photographer simply can’t photograph everybody. Some don’t like to be photographed for whatever reason whilst others might just keep missing the photographer as they come round. With a photo booth though, you can rest assured that you’ll have at least one snap of your guests to enjoy. Sure, they’ll be making funny faces or have some silly props on but no better way to catch them in that moment.

5.) Having our attendant there to help engage Your guests and assist them with using the booth and getting a copy of their pictures. We all will laugh, smile, and talk about Your wedding for a long time to come.

She Said YES!

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