Thee Selfie Station

Ever at an Event or Party guests are taking there own photos, would it be great for you to see all those and have printed copies at the event for everyone. We have that covered at Thee Social Booth. The hashtag printer monitors the hashtag(s) you create on Instagram and Twitter and prints a custom picture and view on a slideshow. This allows guests to use your hashtag to the in their social media posts and in return they receive a printout of their photo. Hashtag Printing is a fun way to encourage guests to take photos at your event and tag them with the hashtag.

Why Hashtag Printing?   

Hashtag printing is great at promoting engagement online, Guests will snap a photo and post to Instagram or Twitter if they know that they’ll receive a home print after posting with the custom hashtag. Add a custom layout to the print or props to the mix and you’ve got a fun and interactive tool that promotes engagement during the event.

For Companies or Events, the benefit of hashtag printing is found in the post event social media views, shares. Hashtag Printing promotes engagement on Instagram and Twitter, as well as encourages guests to interact with the event hashtag, which in turn helps businesses with their digital reach. Contact us today to get yours added to the Photobooth or just a Stand Alone feature.

Hashtag Printing